Preventing condensation

What is condensation?

Most reports of dampness are actually condensation.

Normal household activities, bathing, cooking and washing cause moisture in the home.  When moisture, carried by warm air, reaches a cold surface it condenses onto the surface making it damp.  The dampness allows mould to grow which can cause damage to decorations, floor coverings, clothes and bedding.  If air cannot circulate, such as when a room has a lot of furniture or belongings, condensation may form behind the furniture.  Condensation problems can occur in wardrobes and cupboards particularly if they are crowded with belongings because the air cannot circulate and the moisture condenses on the belongings.


How to stop condensation and mould problems

Heating all the home to a constant background temperature and ventilating by opening windows and using the extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen is the key to stopping condensation. 

You can limit condensation and mould growth by producing less moisture. Try to reduce the amount of water in the air by:

Using heating systems according to their design recommendations;

Keeping lids on saucepans;

Opening windows for ventilation and using trickle vents;

Not using paraffin or portable gas heaters;

Keeping kitchen and bathroom doors closed when these rooms are being used;

Trying to keep your home warm enough so you don’t have cold surfaces;

Not blocking up any airbricks or vents;

Using extractor fans where installed in the kitchen and bathrooms;

Wiping surfaces which have become wet with condensation;

Cleaning off any mould with an anti-fungicidal solution or a dilution of household bleach mixed with water;

Properly ventilating tumble dryers to the outside;

Drying clothes outside rather than inside;

Ventilating behind wardrobes and cupboards by leaving a space between the back and the wall.


When you decorate your bathroom or kitchen, you can use anti-fungicidal paint to help stop condensation problems and mould growth.

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