Reporting repairs

How to report a repair

The Society’s managing agent, Symonds and Sampson prioritises, organises, monitors and supervises all repair and maintenance works. They inspect the Society’s properties annually and draw up a maintenance programme in order to reduce the need for “reactive” repairs. Repair contracts and contractors are reviewed annually by the managing agents.


To report a repair or to discuss any other query about maintenance of your home, please contact Michelle Powell at Symonds & Sampson, managing agent

01305 261 008

Residents living in the sheltered housing homes can report repairs to:

Rosie Sibley, Warden to the Society

01305 264 156


Normally, urgent repairs are carried out within 7 days, for example, repairs to leaking pipes, blocked sink or basin, taps (other than main drinking water) that cannot be turned, minor leak from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern.

Routine repairs should be completed within one month and non-urgent repairs within 3 months.


Internal decorations

Tenants are responsible for internal decorations and for small repairs including replacement of fuses and plugs, flooring and chimney sweeping.

Damage to property

Any repair resulting from negligence by the tenant will be recharged to the tenant.

Household Contents Insurance

Tenants are expected to carry household contents insurance to cover any damage to their belongings.

Communal blocked drains

Communal blocked drains, excluding the sheltered flats, are the responsibility of Wessex Water.  They can be contacted on 0845 600 4600 to clear the drain.


Legionella disease can be caught by inhaling small droplets of water from stale or stagnant water which has allowed the Legionella bacteria to grow. It is rare in a dwelling that is lived in permanently but it is important that tenants are aware of and manage the risks during their tenancy.

Tenants need to advise Symonds & Sampson if the hot water system is not working.  Legionella bacteria can grow if the hot water is heated to below 60 Celsius.  Therefore tenants need to make sure that the hot water is stored at above 60 Celsius. Please note that this does not apply to combination boilers.

Prevention of Legionella disease:

-Ensure showerheads are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

-If you have been away, flush through the system before use, include running water through showers, taps and toilets.


Michelle Powell at Symonds & Sampson deals with any problems you have with the contractor, who does the actual work in your flat, or their standard of work.  Problems may include the contractor not turning up on time, not carrying out a good job and cleaning up afterwards, causing damage or being abusive.

Get in touch

Managing Agent to the Society
Symonds & Sampson

Contact Michelle Powell for housing management, including rents, lettings, repairs and maintenance.

01305 261 008

30 High West Street Dorchester DT1 1UP

Secretary to the Society

Judith Dearlove

Contact for general enquiries, Society management and organisation, committee matters, Mill Street history and complaints.

01305 261622

Fordington Hill House,
High Street Fordington,
Dorchester, DT1 1LZ

Warden to the Society

Rosie Sibley

The warden service is available for residents in sheltered housing: Weekdays 9am-5pm.

01305 264 156

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