Rent arrears and evictions

How we deal with Rent Arrears and Evictions

If you cannot pay your rent you must contact Michelle Powell at Symonds & Sampson to explain the problem and discuss ways to bring the rent up to date.  You can contact Michelle at:

Symonds & Sampson

30 High West Street Dorchester DT1 1UP

01305 261 008


Do not ignore debt problems! It only gets worse if you take no action.

You may be entitled to claim housing benefit from West Dorset District Council

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) can offer you advice on any additional benefits you may be entitled to claim.

If you have a number of debts the Citizens Advice Bureau can also help you manage these debts.  It is essential that you prioritise your debts. Rent payments, council tax and Inland Revenue bills should be given priority over other bills.

If you do not pay your rent you may risk losing your home

Symonds & Sampson monitors all rent accounts weekly and will contact you if a payment is missed.

They will ask you to pay the rent due immediately, but if this is not possible they will discuss a payment plan with you.  If you agree to this plan, it is your responsibility to ensure these payments are made. 

If for any reason you cannot make a payment, you must call Symonds & Sampson immediately.

If you fail to pay your rent or keep to a payment plan you will receive a Notice of Seeking Possession which is the first legal step to the repossession of your home.  The notice stays in force for a year. Four weeks after service of a notice the Society can apply for a Court Hearing.

If after receiving the notice you still fail to make the agreed payments and do not contact Symonds & Sampson, an application to court will be made.  This can lead to court costs of £325 being added to your debt and you could be evicted from your home

If you are evicted for rent arrears West Dorset District Council may decide you are intentionally homeless and may give you a low priority for re-housing.

Get in touch

Managing Agent to the Society
Symonds & Sampson

Contact Michelle Powell for housing management, including rents, lettings, repairs and maintenance.

01305 261 008

30 High West Street Dorchester DT1 1UP

Secretary to the Society

Judith Dearlove

Contact for general enquiries, Society management and organisation, committee matters, Mill Street history and complaints.

01305 261622

Fordington Hill House,
High Street Fordington,
Dorchester, DT1 1LZ

Warden to the Society

Rosie Sibley

The warden service is available for residents in sheltered housing: Weekdays 9am-5pm.

01305 264 156

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