Emergency contacts


During normal working hours if an emergency repair is needed or you need help or advice, please contact Michelle Powell:   

01305 261 008  



Emergencies include the following problems:

Serious water leaks which cause internal damage and cannot be contained;

Blocked drain;

Total loss of electricity;

Electrical repairs where there is a danger of fire or injury;

Total loss of water;

Dangerous structures.


Michelle will organise a response to an emergency within 24 hours.  Please also call Michelle to inform her if you have a gas leak, fire, frozen pipes, burst pipes or if the lift breaks down or someone is trapped in the lift.

If you are in sheltered housing you can call the Warden, Rosie Sibley

01305 264 156

and she will contact Michelle and keep you informed of progress.


Flood risk

At the Old Mill and Millstream House, flood barriers to protect entrances that could be vulnerable to flooding can be erected.  The Warden will be alerted to possible flood conditions and will organise these barriers to be erected.

If you are at risk of flooding, call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 for help and information


Electrical emergencies

It is dangerous if water is leaking onto electrical fittings.

If you have an electricity emergency:

Do not touch bare wires, or sockets or switches;

Turn the power off at the mains.


Gas Leaks

If you smell gas or think you have a gas leak, contact Transco immediately on

0800 111 999 (in the phone book under Gas) and take their advice. 

Do not smoke.

Do not turn any light switches or electrical equipment on or off.

Open doors and windows.

Check if a gas appliance has been left on or a pilot light has blown out.

Turn off the gas supply at the meter.



If you discover a fire in your home:

call the fire brigade by dialling 999

make sure everyone leaves the property immediately.

Individual arrangements have been made at the sheltered flats to help residents deal with a fire risk.  There are notices highlighting the action to be taken. 


Frozen Pipes

If you have frozen pipes:

Turn your taps on;

Switch off your immersion heater, if you have one, or turn off the boiler.


Burst pipe

If you have a burst pipe:

Turn off the water at the stop tap;

Switch off the electricity at the mains if water is coming into contact

with wiring or fuses;

Switch off your water heaters or central heating;

Turn your taps off;

If you are in a flat, warn your neighbours below that water might seep into their home.


Out of hours emergencies

If you are in sheltered housing you can call Careline or the Warden.  Careline will call the Warden to help if she is available or deal with the emergency if she is not available.


Out of hours emergency phone numbers


Out of hours plumbing emergency

If you have a water leak in your home, turn off the water at the main stop tap,

and call Westmade on 01202 829 200 ( option 4 for out of hours call out)


Out of hours electrical emergency

If you have electrical faults that could cause an injury or fire, turn off the power supply,

and call Westmade Builders on 01202 829200 (option 4 for out of hours call out)


Out of hours building emergency

If you have a building emergence,

call Westmade Builders on 01202 829200 (option 4 for out of hours call out)


Out of hours lift emergency

If the lift at the Old Mill breaks down, use the phone in the lift to call for help and call the Warden on 01305 264 156

Get in touch

Managing Agent to the Society
Symonds & Sampson

Contact Michelle Powell for housing management, including rents, lettings, repairs and maintenance.

01305 261 008


30 High West Street Dorchester DT1 1UP

Secretary to the Society

Judith Dearlove

Contact for general enquiries, Society management and organisation, committee matters, Mill Street history and complaints.

01305 261622

Fordington Hill House,
High Street Fordington,
Dorchester, DT1 1LZ

Warden to the Society

Rosie Sibley

The warden service is available for residents in sheltered housing: Weekdays 9am-5pm.

01305 264 156

or fill in our contact form